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Gel Polish

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Brush on gel polish is a hybrid of acrylic gels and solvents contained in nail polishes.

This enables them to be soaked off quicker than the hard gels or Builder gels as they are more commonly known.

Gel polish looks much like nail polish, but is slightly thicker in consistency and does not dry until it is cured under a UV or LED

Due to the controversy regarding UV rays, LED lamps are more commonly used today.

Gel polish is a longer lasting product to nail polish.

Each layer is cured using an LED lamp.

It dries instantly as a result of curing and lasts up to 2-3 weeks without chipping.

The gel polish is then soaked off and new gel can be applied as before.

Due to the nature of the gel polish application process it is not normally possible for clients to have a full manicure/pedicure as this can affect the durability of the gel polish.
  • Gel polish cures in minutes so no waiting for the polish to dry.
  • No risk of smudging the polish once the gel is cured.
  • Gel polish lasts up to 2 weeks, with some clients reporting up to 4 weeks durability.
  • Gel polish is less likely to chip than regular nail polish.
  • Gel polish will keep its lustre while regular polish can be dull after a while.


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