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The growth of facial and body hair, for some clients, can be distressing and upsetting, but for many it is simply a nuisance or inconvenience.

However, with the use of wax depilation, any size area of hair can be removed.

Hair removal is nothing new.

The ancient Egyptians would remove all their hair from arm pits to intimate areas, by sugaring.

Thereby pioneering the closest thing to waxing.

The hair growth cycle occurs in three phases and lasts 6-8 weeks.

Therefore it is important to note that depending on which phase the hair is in will depend on how quickly regrowth occurs.

Today, there are two types of wax.

Hot wax and warm wax.

Hot wax is applied to the area and as it cools it adheres to the hair.

The wax contains a resin which makes the beeswax pliable so that it doesn’t break or crack when it is removed from the skin, coming off in long strips.

Because the wax really grips the hair, rather than the skin, the hair is pulled out without taking a layer of skin with it, and is well suited to removing strong, deep rooted hairs.

Warm wax is a mix of paraffin wax, with synthetic resins or organic materials added to it in order to improve the quality and texture of the wax.

Warm wax adheres differently to the hair and covers it as a sticky coating which is removed by laying paper or fabric over it which is then ripped off the body, with the unwanted hairs sticking to the cloth or paper.

This method takes less time than hot wax as there is no need to wait for the wax to cool.
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